Woman has one in 50m pregnancy

A US woman with two uteruses is pregnant with one twin in each womb, Fox News reported. “I was having some minor complications that led us to set up an OB appointment, and upon examination and ultrasound, they discovered it,” she said, adding that “all I could do was laugh”. She said she called her husband and “he and I just laughed together”. The odds of any woman having this type of pregnancy is about one in 50 million, the outlet noted. 

A 26-year-old woman from India has landed a Guinness World Record for the number of teeth in her mouth: 38. Kalpana Balan has six more gnashers than the average adult, earning her the record for the most teeth in a person’s mouth (female). Her “extra chompers”, known as supernumerary teeth, said UPI, started growing in when she was a teenager, and she initially was going to have them removed, but dentists told her she should wait.

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