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Welcome to this week’s Student Hub email digest. This week we published our Postgrad and MBA supplement (for more see irishtimes.com/postgradmba). Brian Mooney wrote about the economic climate and how a postgrad or MBA can give students an extra edge. We also feature articles on funding higher education, who exactly can study for an MBA, and more. In other news, Green Party TD Neasa Hourigan to vote against Government on Sinn Féin eviction ban motion; in an opinion piece, the writer Sally Rooney, writes that renters are being exploited and evictions must be stopped. We have a piece about St Patrick’s Day – and some lesser know facts about the place Patrick has in Irish literary history. Metallica have brought their own factory. We have some doughnut recipies and more…

What skills are needed in the current economic climate? Brian Mooney writes that a postgrad may help you gain in-demand skills to match the needs of employers.

Green Party TD Neasa Hourigan to vote against Government on Sinn Féin eviction ban motion: Green Party backbench rebel Neasa Hourgian has indicated she will vote against the Government on a Sinn Féin motion on ending the housing ban on Wednesday.

Sally Rooney: Renters are being exploited and evictions must be stopped: The nice thing about being a landlord in Ireland today, as the late Margaret Thatcher might observe, is that you never seem to run out of other people’s money

How St Patrick’s Day came to Ireland – plus some handy phrases for this weekend’s festival: There’s more to our patron saint than green sequins and pint-shaped hats. Here’s our eight-part guide to St Patrick and our national holiday.

Metallica buy vinyl factory as format outsells CDs for first time in US since 1987: Metallica have bought their own factory to manufacture vinyl records, as annual vinyl unit sales outstrip CDs for the first time since 1987 in the US.

The perfect doughnuts: fried dough never tasted better: I eagerly anticipated this recipe test as I have a serious soft spot for doughnuts, in their many wonderful forms. In the spirit of testing as many different types of doughnut as possible…

Four new films to see this week: Liam Neeson takes on the hardest of hard-boiled detectives in Marlowe, sparky romantic comedy Rye Lane plus intriguing horror sequel from Ti West.

Lankum’s Radie Peate: ‘Singing with other people, in harmony, is a lovely experience because it releases some mad chemical in your brain’: With their fourth album, the Dublin band are finding the light amid the shade in music that resembles the ebb and flow of the tide.

Coalition defends €1bn underspend on housing: In a week in which two separate industry reports forecast a decline in housing output this year, the Government is taking flak over a sizeable underspend on money earmarked for housing.

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