Truss to be tough on immigration as she names former leadership rival Home Secretary | Politics | News

Former Attorney General Ms Braverman, who was seen as the original champion of the right in the contest, ran on a ticket of taking Britain out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human rights (ECHR) and getting to grips with the immigration crisis. When she exited the contest she made a deal with Ms Truss almost immediately as Brexiteer MPs pushed for a “unite the right” candidate.

Back on July 13, Ms Truss was asked in an MPs hustings whether she would be prepared to walk away from the ECHR if it enabled the Government to get control of immigration with thousands of illegal migrants making the dangerous journey across the Channel.

His reply was: “I’d be prepared to do that.”

The appointment of Ms Braverman is also a signal that Ms Truss is prepared to get tough on the trans issues as well.

Ms Braverman has been a leading advocate of protecting single-sex spaces including school toilets and not supporting self-identification as a policy.

In a recent speech at Policy Exchange, Ms Braverman gave a strong indication of the sort of Home Secretary she might be tackling human rights and woke issues.

She made it clear that there needs to be a more robust view to tackling protesters with Extinction Rebellion activists trying to bring the country to a halt.

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Ms Braverman takes over from Priti Patel, who was also a champion of the right of the party when she took office.

Ms Patel faced a lot of criticism during her time at the Home Office, especially over the failure to stop the migrant crisis.

However, the indications are that Ms Braverman will continue Ms Patel’s Rwanda policy as well as seeking to make the police force less woke.

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