The weirdest pizza toppings | The Week

Italians are “aghast” at a range of pizza toppings from around the world which have been described as a “gallery of horrors”. The “crimes against Italian culinary protocol” include pizzas “adorned with kangaroo and crocodile meat from Australia”, with “zebra meat and banana from South Africa”, and with “tandoori yoghurt chicken from India”, said The Telegraph.

‘Frenzy’ for donuts in France

A “French frenzy” has seen Parisians queue overnight for a “first bite” of Krispy Kreme donuts, said The Times. The American chain opened its first outlet in France in a former bistro. The launch was marked by “frenzied scenes” which underlined the impact of American brands on “the land of croissants and pains au chocolat”, said the paper. A boss said he thought he “was going to be attacked” when he turned latecomers away to close the store at 10pm.

Final dinosaur meal revealed

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