Scots mum and son duo spot rare “1 in 100,000” albino squirrel

A SCOTS mum and her nature-loving son have spotted one of only an estimated 50 rare albino squirrels in the UK.

Marije Pama and her son Mylo were driving past the local sports centre in Haddington, East Lothian earlier this month (4 NOV) when they spotted the pale white squirrel through the window of their car.

Unable to stop, the gutted pair gave up on their chances of seeing it again, but “budding conservationist” Mylo, 8, was determined to return and search for the rare rodent.

Incredibly, upon returning to the area an hour later without much hope, the pair spotted the squirrel perched in the tree, where they took their opportunity to snap some photos.

The rare rodent was spotted in a small town in East Lothian.
The rare rodent was spotted in a small town in East Lothian.

An image of the squirrel shows it perched in a tree, seemingly clinging on to one of the thicker branches protruding from the trunk.

The creature is pure white in colour, but boasts the telltale red eyes of an albino animal, as well as small pink ears.

The squirrel’s silky tail hangs down from its perch as the near-bare branches of the tree behind it are littered with yellowing leaves.

The rodent has reportedly been spotted several other times by local residents and appears to be making a name for itself in Haddington.

Marije, 42, shared the snap to social media earlier this month (4 NOV) with the caption: “Lovely albino squirrel, near the Aubigny Centre today.”

Her post has since received over 220 likes and dozens of comments from users left stunned by the unique creature’s appearance.

One said: “He was down by the river earlier in the week. Isn’t he awesome?”

Another added: “They have a hard time from others as they don’t recognise them as the same species.

“They see them as predators. Much like what they did to our native red squirrels.”

A third commented: “Not sure how far they roam but we had a lovely white one in our garden in East Linton a few times a couple of weeks ago.”

Another replied: “Didn’t even know they existed. Amazing.”

A fifth claimed: “It’s beautiful, I saw it next to the squash club a few days ago.”

Speaking today (TUE), Marije said: “My son Mylo is eight, and a budding conservationist.

“He was very excited to see an albino squirrel and managed to tell me a couple of facts about them, like how there are only about 50 in the whole of the UK.

“And, how they struggle to survive because the other squirrels see it as a threat and are mean to it.

“We saw it near the Aubigny Centre in Haddington sitting beautifully in the grass.

“As we were in the car, we were not able to stop. An hour later we were back for swimming, and we thought we should try and find it again, genuinely not believing we would be so lucky again.

“But, it was just sitting there in the tree, quite relaxed and happy to pose for some pictures!”

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