Scots horror writer reveals stories “haunted” Glasgow hospital

A SCOTS horror writer has revealed the stories behind some of the spooky spirits that allegedly stalk the corridors of a “haunted” Glasgow hospital.

John McNee is an author who shares frightening Scottish folktales and legends about what are said to be some of the most haunted places in Scotland.

The 39-year-old paid a visit to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary on Saturday for his latest backgrounder, where he claims the ghosts of staff and patients alike still linger.

The video begins with the Glaswegian filming the exterior of the Royal Infirmary, with traffic passing by the otherwise nondescript building.

However, John reveals: “Many ghosts are said to haunt this hospital. Countless doctors, nurses and patients down the years have claimed to have seen strange goings-on at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

“You’d expect most hospitals to have the occasional haunting but at more than 200 years old, Glasgow Royal Infirmary has more than most.

“Yet, staff here claim to have seen the same spectres so many times that they’re not even afraid of them anymore.

“There’s the Floating Matron, who looks just like any other nurse until someone notices that she has nothing below the knee.

“There’s the Grey Lady who looks like a patient attempting to escape from the hospital, but when someone tries to chase her, she disappears.

“And there’s Archie – who haunts ward 27 – described as an elderly man with his hair in a bun, who talks exclusively to dying patients, apparently to comfort them which in its own way is quite nice.

“One story that people love to tell about this hospital is that of a doctor racing through the corridors to reach a patient who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

“Running through the corridor, he is stopped by a man who asks for directions to get out of the hospital.

“He then gives the man directions and continues on his way and reaches the ward only to find that the patient tragically has died which is distressing in itself, but more distressing was that he recognised the patient as the same man to whom he had just given directions.”

John posted the video to social media on Saturday with the caption: “Glasgow Royal Infirmary has a reputation as one of the most haunted spots in the city.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Credits: Google Maps.

The clip has since received over 16,000 likes and more than 400 comments from spooked users.

One person wrote: “Me watching this on night shift in the royal right now.”

Another commented: “There’s an abandoned ward on level 6 of the old side. I was told by a doctor there.”

A third said: “Me seeing this about to start a job there in a few weeks.”

Another added: “I’ve worked many a night shift and to be fair the doctor who walks around is a common sight, not scary at all.”

Speaking today John said: “I think [the ghosts] are fairly widely known. I spent a few weeks in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary as a patient back in 2000 and I remember hearing some of the stories then.

“I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural, myth and folklore so it’s the kind of thing that crops up in conversation.

“I only joined TikTok a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to post some videos sharing some of the stories I’ve read or heard about. There are some other Glasgow tales I’d like to get to.

“I write horror novels and short stories. My first novel was PRINCE OF NIGHTMARES, about a haunted hotel in the Scottish Highlands that guarantees its guests bad dreams.

“My latest is HAIL SANTA!, about a small Canadian town under threat from an evil entity masquerading as Santa Claus.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary opened in December 1794 and became part of NHS Scotland in 1948, with the present main building dating back to 1914.

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