Russia and China spark World War III fears with military alliance

Russia and China have sparked fears of World War III as they plan a “no-limits” military alliance.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are planning a 'no-limits' military alliance

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are planning a ‘no-limits’ military alliance

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu are working on worrying plans that will only strengthen the military might of both nations.

The Russian tyrant said: “We are working actively through our military departments, regularly exchange useful information, work together in the field of military-technical cooperation, and hold joint exercises.”

The two countries are already close allies and their meeting follows a separate event attended by Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping where the pair were heard discussing their “no limits” partnership.

The statement from Moscow has led to some US military experts predicting that China could supply Russia with “lethal equipment”.

CIA Director William Burns is “confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the provision of lethal equipment”.

The allegation has angered members of China’s foreign ministry and politician Wang Wenbin accused the CIA of “shifting blame and spreading disinformation” toward Beijing.

He said: “The US has no right to give orders to China, and we have never accepted the US’s finger-pointing at China-Russia relations, let alone pressure or coercion.”

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