Rodney Wiltshire Provides Tips to Help You Decide If You Should Install Solar Panels On Your Home

Rodney Wiltshire recently provided tips to help you decide if you should install solar panels on your home

Rodney Wiltshire is an electrical engineer who works in the solar panel industry. He knows that many households can benefit from installing solar panels in their home, which can benefit the homeowner and the environment. However, solar panels are not right for every home or household. Here are a few tips that Mr. Wiltshire says can help you decide if installing solar panels on your home is right for you.

Rodney Wiltshire Explains the Importance of Evaluating Your Home’s Sunlight Exposure

One key step to decide if solar panels are right for your home is to have a sunlight exposure evaluation completed by a solar panel company. The solar panel company can determine if your roof gets enough sunlight exposure to warrant installing solar panels. Most roofs do get enough sunlight exposure, but not every roof does. Ensuring your roof gets enough sunlight to harvest solar power is extremely important.

Rodney Wiltshire Describes Why It Is Important to Consider Your Energy Consumption

Another important thing to do when deciding if you should invest in solar panels is to look at your energy consumption. The more energy you use, the more beneficial solar panels will be to you. Solar panels reduce the amount of energy you need from your local utility company but does not eliminate the need to have electricity from your local utility company altogether. If you are not using a lot of power, and most of the charges on your bill pertain to service fees and taxes, you will still have those service fees and taxes. As such, solar panels may not be very beneficial to you.

Rodney Wiltshire Details the Importance of Pricing Out Solar Panels and Looking at Incentives

Lastly, Rodney Wiltshire recommends that you take the time to price out solar panels and look at any local, state, and/or federal incentives that you may be entitled to by installing them. This ultimately helps you to determine the cost of installing solar panels, if the panels will help you to save money and if you can afford to have the panels installed. Incentives vary based on the city, county, and state you reside in, and federal incentives may also change. A local solar panel company can provide information about incentives and tax benefits. 
Rodney Wiltshire owns Empire Solar, a company located in Troy, New York, that helps homeowners determine if solar panels are right for them, and if they are, can help install them. There are many benefits to installing solar panels, including saving money on your energy expenses, taking weight off of the overstressed energy grid system, and reducing your carbon footprint. However, many households wonder if solar panels are ideal for their home. Having a sunlight exposure evaluation completed, taking a close look at your energy consumption, and ensuring you can afford solar panels are three of the most important steps to ensure solar panels are right for you.

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