Prince Philip designed £80,000 bracelet for Queen that was ‘laced with sentiment’

One of the most magnificent collections of jewellery in the world belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II, yet none of the pieces had the same significance to her as gifts from her husband, Prince Philip.

Prince Philip created a number of spectacular pieces of jewels for Queen Elizabeth over the years, carrying on the tradition of Prince Albert, who frequently created jewellery for his wife Queen Victoria.

The fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have examined the symbolic bracelet that the former Duke of Edinburgh created for Queen Elizabeth to commemorate their fifth wedding anniversary.

To commemorate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, Philip asked the French jewellery company Boucheron to create a special bracelet for the late Queen in 1952.

The bracelet, which was made of yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, was inspired by a painting by the Prince, therefore is very meaningful.

In particular, the inclusion of Prince Philip’s naval badge is a touching homage to the fact that he gave up his career in the Royal Navy to support his wife full-time.

The naval insignia is encircled by two sapphire crosses that most likely represent the Greek flag, and it is set with diamonds.

The late monarch’s initial title as Princess Elizabeth of York is represented by two roses of York that flank a ruby cross, which is probably meant to represent the English flag.

Maxwell Stone, a diamond expert at Steven Stone told “Over the course of their marriage, Prince Philip designed numerous gifts of jewellery for Queen Elizabeth II – including a special bracelet to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

“Crafted by Boucheron, the yellow gold bracelet was based on a drawing by the Prince and features diamonds, sapphires and rubies.”

According to the style expert, this bracelet contained several hidden messages from the Duke to his wife.

Maxwell explained: “Laced with sentiment, the intricate piece incorporates Prince Philip’s naval badge.

“Set in diamonds, the badge is surrounded by two sapphire crosses that are likely to represent the Greek flag.”

This was significant as Philip was born on June 10, 1921, in Corfu, Greece. According to the expert, the Duke also included a motif for the late Queen’s English ancestry in the bracelet.

Maxwell added: “The bracelet also features a ruby cross that’s likely to represent the England flag, as well as two roses of York as a sweet nod to Queen Elizabeth II’s first royal title.

“I’d estimate the bracelet to be worth £80,000,” making this jewel on the pricier end of royal jewellery.

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