Prince Harry: Owen Jones demands Royal Family face up to memoir for ‘democracy’ | Royal | News

Prince Harry, 37, will cover his lifetime in the public eye, including his time in the military, marriage, and fatherhood. The Duke of Sussex said the memoir, to be published by Penguin Random House, will be written “not as the prince” he was, but as the man he has “become”. Journalist Owen Jones explained the book will be “healthy for democracy”.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Mr Jones said: “He should obviously go ahead with this book partly because whatever you think about the monarchy, it’s important to have more transparency about how it works and what goes on.

“They are obviously head of state and the Royal Family is our ruling family.

“I don’t think we know much about them at all.

“There’s The Crown, I guess.

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“I think having an inside account from someone who might be critical and cast a light into the shadows of the Royal Family is actually healthy for our democracy.

“But also I want all the messy details as well.”

It comes as royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti has warned the Royal Family that Harry has “plenty to tell”.

Speaking to, Mr Sacerdoti said: “We know that they have these commercial contracts in place with Spotify and Netflix and we may see something coming out of those.

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