Onlookers left speechless as youngsters take to local roads in TANK that they hired for their prom  

ONLOOKERS were left speechless after a group of lads took to the roads in a tank that they hired for their prom. 

The youngsters allegedly rented out the large tank for their high school graduation party yesterday. 

The tank – also joined by rented supercars – cruised through the streets of Luton, Bedfordshire, stopping on the way for the lads to pose for photos. 

One stunned motorist captured a video of the tank as it navigated the roads of the town, sitting in traffic like a normal car. 

The teens were seen posing for pictures with their rented tank.
The teens were seen posing for pictures with their rented tank.

The man behind the camera exclaims: “G, how’s these lot got a tank in Luton bruv (sic) what’s going on? They’ve got a tank in Luton bruv, (sic) what the hell?”  

Other videos and photos show the tank in various locations around the town with the lads posing on it as it drove around.  

One snap shows the military vehicle stopped on the side of the road as a lad in a suit poses next to the cannon with his middle fingers up.  

Another shows the vehicle pulling into a car park with a man in military dress sitting on the cannon and another standing in the tank’s hatch with a hooded top and sunglasses on. 

The clip of the vehicle was shared to social media yesterday, where it has received over 100 likes and comments from social media users stunned by the imposing military vehicle.  

One user joked: “Is it ULEZ compliant?”  

Another added: “It’s hired all for their prom.”  

A third replied: “So this is what that Bushra was on about regarding mobilisation.”  

Another commented: “Undefeated.”  

A fifth wrote: “What the?”  

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