Nintendo told GameStop to sack guy who leaked Zelda console say staff

Nintendo hates leakers (pic: Nintendo)

Leaking Nintendo news is proving to be very costly, as someone who revealed news from GameStop a day ahead of time is reportedly sacked.

Earlier this week it was reported that Nintendo is trying to sue the person who leaked details about Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom and now they’ve reportedly got a GameStop employee sacked for leaking the special edition Zelda Switch a day before it was officially revealed.

The special edition console had been leaked numerous times before, first over Christmas, and then again multiple times after that. The final leak was a photo of the GameStop stock inventory, proving that a new console was on its way, just a day before the Switch itself was officially announced last month.

Ordinarily, the fact that the console was leaked early would be quickly forgotten, but Nintendo doesn’t forgive or forget and according to a Massachusetts GameStop employee known only as Mark, they were responsible for getting him sacked.

Mark was only responsible for the final GameStop leak – the least interesting of the reveals – but because it was easy to work out who he was Nintendo apparently put pressure on GameStop to sack him.

That’s what Mark’s store manager allegedly told him ‘off the record’, as while he could have been let off with a warning Nintendo reportedly insisted that he be sacked.

‘Hopefully all of you were able to get your switch pre-orders in as now I will not be able to get mine,’ said Mark in a conversation with Kotaku.

It may seem over the top, but Nintendo hates leaks almost as much as it hates piracy. You can’t say they’re not consistent either, as those thinking the anonymity of the internet will save them are quickly finding out that’s not true.

As for Tears Of The Kingdom, Nintendo has just released the final trailer for the game, ahead of its May 12 launch, and it looks absolutely epic.

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