Moment man sings bizarre rendition of Oasis hit Stop Crying Your Heart Out over grave during funeral  

THIS is the bizarre moment a man sings a unique rendition of Oasis’ hit song Stop Crying Your Heart Out over the grave of a deceased friend.  

The man burst into his acapella rendition of the 2002 tune during the funeral of a young woman in Manchester last week. 

Whilst a thoughtful tribute to the deceased, the bloke’s thick Mancunian accent and the situation itself left some social media users struggling to take it seriously. 

Video filmed by another funeralgoer shows the man standing over the grave of his friend as the woman behind the camera gives him a nudge to try and get a song out of him. 

The video of the mans singing has gone viral.
The video of the mans singing has gone viral.

She can be heard egging him on for a tribute piece, saying: “Come on, Stop Crying Your Heart Out – go on, sing the words.”  

Without needing much persuading, the man takes to his rendition with gusto and begins belting out the lyrics without warning.  

The funeral falls silent as a crowd of people encircling the graveside watch on, with the man visibly straining as he belts out the lyrics. 

He inevitably reaches the chorus and several funeralgoers off camera join him, with the bloke bobbing his head back and forth as the song climaxes. 

Coming to the end of his performance, the man turns and smiles at the camera as he is met with scattered applause and the woman behind the camera appears to reach into her purse for money. 

The footage was shared to social media with the caption, “Sleep tight my big sis” written across the screen in pink lettering.  

The video received over 5,800 likes and more than 320 comments from social media users struggling not to crack jokes about the sombre performance.  

One user said: “His singing covered the song pretty well but them joining in and the purse opening to give him money at the end.  

“Weird song choice for a funeral too in my opinion.”  

Another added: “The woman in the coffin has the best seat at that show.”  

A third commented: “Who’s filming this? Put the phones away and enjoy the moment.”  

Another wrote: “Why would anyone want to be filmed doing this at a funeral?”  

A fifth replied: “Whatever happened to the people in the room saying, ‘Na, I know you want to and that’s nice, but it’s best not do that, mate’.”  

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