Matt Hancock’s lawyer makes excruciating blunder on GB News | Politics | News

The GB News audience was left in stitches after Matt Hancock‘s lawyer made a humiliating blunder. Jonathan Coad appeared on GB News last night. He was introduced by the show’s host, Steve N Allen, as having been asked to represent the former Health Secretary. But Mr Coad accused the channel of “very very poor journalism”, claiming he had asked them “not to disclose” the fact he was asked to act for Matt Hancock.

He launched into a furious rant at the channel, saying: “I have to say, that’s disappointing. I made it absolutely clear to your programme – I asked them not to disclose that, and that is very very poor journalism.”

The presenter then asked if he was okay to carry on, to which Mr Coad replied: “You’ve stood there in front of a baying audience throwing poo left right and centre at Matt Hancock when your own television station engaged in correspondence with me where I explained that I’m in a position to comment if you didn’t mention that I had been approached by Matt Hancock. I asked you not to mention that.”

He added: “If anybody is tempted to take your programme seriously, here is a good reason not to.”

But it later emerged that Mr Coad has missed out the word “not” in his email to the channel’s producer, instead writing “I would be grateful if it was mentioned that [Matt Hancock] asked me to act for him.”

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