Lucky Scots fishermen watch on as pod of killer whales swim past coast of Aberdeen 

A PAIR of lucky Scots fishermen were treated to a stunning sight when a large pod of killer whales swam past them.  

Tony Watters was fishing off the coast of Aberdeen with his pal yesterday when the two spotted the orcas – numbering at least ten in the pod – surfacing nearby. 

Watching on as the whales passed by with several calves in tow, Tony was lucky enough to catch it all on camera, and claims the mammals got so close to the coastline that he could have wandered down and touched them. 

The stunning video footage, shot from a rocky outcrop just above the waves where the pair stand watching, shows the whales as they pass the section of coastline. 

The pod appeared to have calves with them.
The pod appeared to have calves with them.

The two men’s fishing rods can be seen set up on the cliff as the camera pans to focus on the passing whales.  

Several of the whales in the pod breach the surface of the water, providing the anglers with a stunning sight as the black and white beasts come into view above the waves.  

More whales can be seen below the surface with several large dorsal fins protruding from the waterline and one or two smaller whales swimming alongside the adults.  

The pod leaves a wake of strong waves behind as it swims off into the distance at impressive speed with Tony being lucky enough to capture a brief but stunning view of the sea mammals.  

The pod caused quite a stir locally as it passed by Aberdeen and the surrounding coastline, with other locals taking to social media to share their similar sightings.  

Tony posted his footage online yesterday with the caption: “More on the orca pod. A few calves also.”  

It has since received over 100 likes and more than 25 comments from social media users jealous of the lucky fishermen’s incredible sighting.  

One user said: “Awesome to see Tony.”  

Another added: “Seals at Newburgh better be wary if orca are heading north.”  

A third commented: “Oh man, what I’d give to encounter those on the paddleboard.”  

Another wrote: “Stunning pal, Jesus that’s ace.”  

Another replied: “Once in a lifetime shots – absolutely awesome Tony.”  

Whilst a fairly rare sight in Scotland, a small pod of killer whales is known to reside on the west coast and northern pods are commonly sighted in Shetland, Orkney and from the north coast. 

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