Larry Lamb relishes the ‘challenge’ of the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special

Larry Lamb is relishing the “challenge” of the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Christmas special.

Nadiya Bychkova and Larry Lamb are dancing together

Nadiya Bychkova and Larry Lamb are dancing together

The 75-year-old actor has joined forces with professional dancer Nadiya Bychkova for the upcoming special, and Larry has likened appearing on the show to “entering as a stranger into a world you already know”.

The actor – who played Archie Mitchell in ‘EastEnders’ and Mick Shipman in ‘Gavin and Stacey’ – shared: “Somebody told me that the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Christmas special always blows the TV figures out of the water and I said, ‘Yes, but it didn’t blow the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas special out, did it?’ And they said, ‘No, you’re right it didn’t blow it out at all’. I’ve been in one big show on Christmas night, and now here’s another!

“It’s like you when you first join ‘EastEnders’ and you find yourself in the Queen Vic, you realise that you’re kind of somewhere you’ve had a taste of for many years and then all of a sudden it’s reality, and you have to take it all in and think ‘wow!’ It’s like entering as a stranger into a world you already know.”

Larry thinks he’s really “lucky” to have been partnered with Nadiya, who has helped to dramatically improve his dance moves.

The TV star doesn’t have any idea whether he can win the Christmas special, but he’s still relishing the challenge.

He shared: “I’m doing this as a challenge to myself and now I can actually dance. I’ve learned how to do a dance routine. So whoever wins is whoever wins and I’m winning already, just by being in it.”

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