Jessica Knedel Talks About Faith, Family, and Fitness

Being true to yourself is easier said than done. In the world of modeling, it’s even more challenging. Very few have the tenacity to make it in such a competitive industry without losing themselves. Even fewer will stand by their values and keep an online following interested. Call it career acrobatics if you will, but whatever it is, it’s something that Jessica Knedel knows how to do well.

Jessica Knedel is a top model and influencer based in Sacramento, California. She has recently been voted Sacramento’s Up-and-Coming Top Model. While Jessica has the smile that would bring her to modeling stardom, it’s her heart that captivates her audience of over 150,000.

For one, Jessica keeps her family close. Coming from a blended family, Jessica also believes that family is whoever makes you feel safe and at home. She remembers her roots, and affirms that one should honor their roots in whatever they do.

Jessica also values faith. She says that whatever higher power you believe in, you must couple that with faith in yourself. “It’s important to keep working hard and the rest will come.” Jessica banks on herself and has shown self-reliance and faith all the way.

Even with her strong mindset and persistent drive, Jessica understands that she can’t do it all. Health and fitness plays a big role in her life, not only because it helps her career, but also because it helps her stay present through the most important moments in her life.

Jessica has a long and bright career ahead of her. “I dream of walking down the runway in New York for Fashion Week,” the top model says about her future ambitions. With her heart and mind in the game, everyone around her knows that’s exactly what she’ll do and more.

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