Is Monday May 29 a bank holiday?

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The UK has had more than its fair share of bank holidays over the past month, with two consecutive long weekends earlier in May giving us all some well-earned time off.

While the May Day bank holiday falls every year on the first Monday of the month, this year we all got an extra bit of downtime to mark the coronation of King Charles, with a second extra bank holiday falling on Monday May 8 as the country united in celebration.

With that in mind, you’d think it would be a while before we get another long weekend coming our way.

But is there a bank holiday on Monday May 29?

Is Monday May 29 a bank holiday?

Yes! This Monday (May 29) is indeed a bank holiday.

It’s the annual Spring Bank Holiday, and takes place across the whole of the United Kingdom – so whether you’re in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland you can look forward to an extra day off work.

It does sound on that basis as though we’ve had a lot of time off in May – but there are usually two bank holidays at the start and end of the month – the Early May Bank Holiday in the first Monday in May each year and the Spring Bank Holiday is the last.

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Next year, those will be May 6 and May 27, 2024.

When is the next bank holiday?

We’d recommend you make the most of this one – because despite the recent rush of long weekends you’ve got quite a while to wait until the next bank holiday.

If you’re in England or Wales it won’t be until the Summer Bank Holiday rolls along at the end of August this year it falls on Monday August 28.

In Northern Ireland the next bank holiday falls a little earlier, with Battle Of The Boyne (Orangeman’s Day) giving everybody a midweek day off on Wednesday July 12.

And in Scotland the summer bank holiday falls a little earlier, with everybody getting their much-needed extra day’s break on Monday August 7.

Beyond that, folks in Scotland will have St Andrew’s Day on Thursday November 30 to look forward to – but for everybody else those August dates will be your last bank holidays until Christmas.

So make sure you make the most of those Mondays.

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