Insane moment man pulls gun on woman after friend reversed driveway | US | News

A man has been arrested after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman’s head and threatened to kill her because her friend backed into his driveway, police say.

Terry Vetsch, 60, from Palm Coast, Florida, was detained on Saturday after his security camera appeared to show him pointing a gun at a woman outside his house, reports The New York Post.

A police report obtained by The Post states that the victim and her friend were driving a white Ford Escape and told deputies that Vetsch came out of his home and started shouting at them while armed with a gun.

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Vetsch was reportedly upset that the Ford driver had briefly backed up his driveway and allegedly thought that the man in the car was a neighbour, with whom he’d had several previous disputes.

The 60-year-old struck the back window of the Ford with his gun, screaming at the driver: “Get your piece of s— out of my f—ing driveway!”

According to the video footage, the motorist’s female friend then approached Vetsch to confront him, at which point he aimed the gun at her head.

Vetsch claimed that he pointed the gun at the woman because she was walking towards his house while shouting and waving her hands in his face.

The victim told police that Vetsch “threatened to shoot and kill her” and said she was in fear for her life.

Vetsch was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without an intent to kill.

His bond was set at $50,000, and he was bonded out of jail the next day.

Vetsch has been ordered not to have any contact with the victims and his arraignment has been scheduled for July 10.

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