Illegal migrants still being granted asylum despite Biden vow | US | News

Migrants who have illegally entered the United States are reportedly still being approved to seek asylum – despite Joe Biden‘s vow to crack down on immigration.

The President’s administration had promised that people entering the US illegally would be booted out and banned for five years. However, multiple sources report that this is simply not the case.

One US Customs and Border Protection agent based in Texas told a US news outlet that he sees people arrested for illegally entering the country waved through “all the time.” The New York Post (NYP) also said that it “had no trouble finding a dozen migrants” who had crossed the border illegally, been arrested – and were then released with papers to begin the asylum process.

This is despite Biden saying, on January 5, that anyone who crosses “into the United States unlawfully… will be returned back to Mexico.” The POTUS made the promise when his administration first announced required use of the CBP One App, that allows migrants to seek asylum lawfully.

But a Border Patrol agent said they are powerless to turn back migrants who enter the country illegally, if they invoke their right to seek asylum because they “fear being returned to their home country.”

One migrant told the NYP that her status as a member of the LGBTQ+ community had aided her entry. She said: “I crossed illegally, knowing I had an advantage since I’m LGBT. I don’t think I would have run the risk if I wasn’t a lesbian.”

The former Mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo, also said that said city officials know migrants without a CBP One app are being allowed into the country.

He told the NYP  “They’re aware of what’s going on. It’s not our problem unless there is a mass release [from CBP custody]. It’s not an impact financially on the city of the El Paso.”

However, Margo fears that there could be a rush of migrants crossing the border after a judge ruled that the CBP One app is unconstitutional. The Biden Administration was given two weeks to appeal in court – or the app will no longer be required.

Margo said this would cause chaos in border towns like El Paso. He said: “The system is broken and has never been fixed. It’s time for people to contact their congressmen and women and tell them to fix it.”

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