I tried the viral butterfly hair cut – it went very wrong but people say I look like Beyonce & Cheryl Tweedy

WHEN was the last time you cut your own hair? 

If you thought whipping out the scissors in front of the bathroom mirror was exclusive to your teenage years, then think again.

Rae hacked off her long locks to try the butterfly trend


Rae hacked off her long locks to try the butterfly trendCredit: im_rae_/TikTok
The snip went very wrong and Rae says she regrets it


The snip went very wrong and Rae says she regrets itCredit: im_rae_/TikTok

TikTok has dished out some wild trends in its time and the latest hair-do to hit the ‘like’ button is the butterfly cut. 

People are dividing their hair into two high ponytails and hacking it off for a feathery layered look – and it’s worked out better for some than others.

Tempted by the popular trend, TikTok user Rae decided to lop off her luscious long locks and it didn’t quite go to plan.

The brunette beauty documented the process in two videos, leaving her thousands of followers stunned. 

Rae uses what look like kitchen scissors to snip at her waist-length hair.

First she sections the front part of her hair, pulls it out away from her face and ties it with a bobble. 

With her hair tied, she grabs the scissors, picks a spot to cut and begins hacking away until a large chunk of her hair falls to the floor. 

The video cuts off as Rae looks horrified at the sight of her chopped locks, stating: “I think I’ve cut it too short.

She returns to TikTok for part two, and viewers can see that she’s now sectioned out and tied the back part of her hair into a high ponytail.

She uses her chopped off hair as a guide on where to cut and begins to panic.

“I’m having a heart attack again,” she declares. “Maybe don’t do this at home because you might not want to see it.”

Feeling brave, Rae takes the bobbles out of her hair and lets it fall across her shoulders.

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“That’s ok,” she states, before squinting worriedly into the camera. 

“Wait, what’s going on? Why is this bit long?” she asks, pulling at a section of uneven hair. 

Rae takes a moment to think, then hacks off another few inches of her hair to even it out.

But it doesn’t work and more random strands of long hair poke out as if taunting her.

“Stop being stressed,” she urges herself, as she models her fresh cut which now sits above her chest.

In a later video, Rae admits she regrets her actions, and her followers were quick to share their opinions.

“I’m terrified,” declared one shocked user.

“It’s the hacking at the hair for me. I’m having palpitations,” replied a second. 

Some however, had kinder things to say.

“It’s giving Beyonce,” gushed one woman.

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“Jo Wilson Grey’s Anatomy vibes,” chimed another.

A number of users branded Rae’s experience a ‘Britney moment’ and a final user said: “It’s giving Cheryl Tweedy.”

Rae kept hacking at her hair until it was even


Rae kept hacking at her hair until it was evenCredit: im_rae_/TikTok
People say she looks like Cheryl Tweedy


People say she looks like Cheryl TweedyCredit: im_rae_/TikTok

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