How much should I spend on my partner for Christmas?

The average amount couples spend on their partner at Christmas has been revealed (Picture: Getty Images)

With the festive season in full swing, shoppers are once again asking themselves the age-old question of how much they should spend on their partner.

It’s fair to say that some partners have an affinity for the finer things in life, which can make Christmas a very costly time of year.

From gadgets and gizmos for the tech lovers, to luxurious beauty products for those who love to pamper themselves at home, Christmas gift wish lists can be very long and set you back hundreds of pounds.

The results of a study looking into this exact conundrum has shed some light on how much you should spend on your partner by revealing the UK average.

CouponBirds, the website shoppers use to find coupons, surveyed 2,000 adults to discover how much cash they splash on their partners when buying Christmas presents. 

The survey found that on average, respondents spent £144.37 on gifts for their partners, which is £15 less than the amount participants said they spent on their close family members (£128.49).

Men were far more likely to spend more, with an average spend of £178.81, compared to women who spent £125.77 on average. 

Anyone who has ever purchased cosmetic products will know just how pricey it is to stock up on makeup, skincare, perfume and other typically ‘femme’ items, that’s before taking into account the exclusive festive versions.

People aged between 35-44 were most likely to spend the most, with this age bracket averaging £165.71.

Meanwhile, 18-24 year olds, with the least spending power, averaged lowest at £105.22. However, across all age groups, 2% were prepared to spend over £400.

When asked what they expect in return, on average, the survey highlighted that respondents expected their partner to spend £137.66, around £10 less than they would spend themselves.

One thing we always hear around Christmas when gift-giving is at an all time high is that “it’s the thought that counts”. After taking part in the study, 75% agreed that more meaningful gifts are more important than the money spent on them, with 38% strongly agreeing. 

It’s time to have another look at our Christmas lists!

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