Host of youngsters honoured at Inspire Awards 2023 ceremony

YOUNGSTERS from across Britain gathered at the Scottish Parliament last week for the inaugural ceremony of the new Inspire Awards.

A total of 37 awards were presented to young people aged five to 17 last Tuesday, who had excelled in a variety of fields including sports, media, art and creativity and STEM subjects.

Among those who received awards was five-year-old Jevindu Senyuth from Newcastle, who sold 15 paintings to raise money for a friend’s electric wheelchair.

Another award went to ten-year-old Aarush Naki from Falkirk, who can solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand in under two minutes.

Young Philanthropist Jevindu Senyuth with Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sawar.
Young philanthropist Jevindu Senyuth sold 15 paintings to raise money for his friend’s electric wheelchair.

Also in attendance was leader of the Scottish Labour Party Anas Sawar, who said: “It is a great privilege to welcome all of these high-achieving young people to the Scottish Parliament on this special occasion.

“The Inspire Awards are in themselves an inspirational concept that highlight the outstanding achievements of young people in their chosen specialities across the United Kingdom and I congratulate each and every one of them on their awards.

“I would like to congratulate especially the work of Dr Rashmi Mantri and BYITC in conceiving, organising, and bringing to a magnificent conclusion the Inspire Awards 2023. Dr Rashmi’s is a wonderful achievement for which she deserves high praise.”

The Inspire Awards 2023 is a new initiative intended to recognise the talents of young people aged five to 17, from the British Youth International College (BYITC).

BYITC was founded in 2015 by Glasgow-based academic and educator Dr Rashmi Mantri to help young people learn and improve their abilities in maths.

BYITC now runs global franchises, including Dubai and Sri Lanka, and recently launched its first UK franchise in Basingstoke, Hampshire, whilst further UK franchises are anticipated in the coming months.

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