Hilarious video shows nan’s brutal reaction to granddaughter’s tattoo reveal

A HILARIOUS video shows a grandmother offering her brutally honest reaction upon seeing her granddaughter’s new tattoo for the first time.

Elizabeth Cotton surprised her family at home in Nottingham, East Midlands on Monday with a reveal of a tattooed butterfly on her arm,

However, the 18-year-old couldn’t have predicted the response she would get from her 81-year-old grandmother Lynda Sail, who didn’t hold back in her scathing analysis of the tat.

Elizabeth’s older sister Emily, 21, filmed her family’s reaction, panning to her grandmother first whilst asking: “What do you think to Izzy’s tattoo?”

Elizabeth – looking rather unimpressed – sits at the head of the table patiently waiting for the feedback.

Emily then zooms in on Elizabeth’s tattoo – a black outline of a butterfly whose left wings are replaced by an assortment of flowers.

Immediately Lynda bluntly replies: “S**t.”

“You what?”, asks Emily to which Lynda hesitantly laughs before reiterating: “S**t.”

Emily asks: “Why do you think that?”

Lynda replies: “Because it’s horrible.”

A visibly-annoyed Elizabeth quietly replies to her grandmother: “Do you know what else is horrible? I’m not going to say because I don’t want to hurt your feelings like you just hurt mine.”

Lynda replies: “Hurt your feelings? It’s not finished off properly.”

Elizabeth says: “It is.”

Lynda points towards the butterfly saying: “It’s only got two wings and a body.”

Elizabeth snaps back: “Yeah two wings and a body, that’s what it’s supposed to have, what butterflies are you looking at?”

Another voice off-screen can be heard saying: “They have four.” to which Elizabeth says: “No they don’t.”

Lynda then goes to point at the tattoo again, before Elizabeth reels back in annoyance.

Lynda adds: “You could have them over that flower, it’s stupid,” before disapprovingly looking in the opposite direction.

Emily can be heard chuckling before panning the camera over to her mum to see what she thinks.

However, Lynda isn’t done with her criticism as she interrupts saying: “It’ll be an old moth soon anyway,” which garners a chorus of chuckles from the family.

Elizabeth Cotton. Credits: TikTok.

Emily uploaded the video to social media on Tuesday where it has since received more than 36,000 likes and over 100 comments from users left in stitches by Lynda’s assessment.

One user wrote: “9/10 for nan’s honesty.”

Another commented: “Better than me because I would have told my nan she’s an old moth.”

A third replied: “My nan would have said the same.”

Another said: “Izzy looked really sad.”

A fifth joked: “I want to know the horrible things she had to say, she should’ve gone straight for the jugular.”

Speaking today Emily said: “My sister wanted the tattoo for a while, originally she wasn’t going to show her the tattoo as you know what the older generation are like about these things.

“My sister also expected her to say something critical about it, that’s why she originally wasn’t going to show her.

“The response from my nana was no surprise.

“Our nana came round for dinner, so I told my sister ‘Show her your tattoo and I’ll video her reaction’, which turned out to be hilarious.

“This is why we love her as she has no filter and says everything she thinks with no hesitation.”

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