Forget Dishy Rishi — Keir Starmer is the Downing Street Daddy

Is he the hottest resident ever to work in number 10? (Picture: Getty/

To be crowned a Daddy by the internet is a rare, yet esteemed honour.

Idris Elba, David Harbour, George Clooney and of course, Pedro Pascal, have all made the exclusive list.

But now, there’s a new Daddy in town – and you’ll find him in the most unlikely of places.

I think we can all agree that the residents of Downing Street have never really got us motioning for a fumble under the back benches.

Sure, a young just-call-me-Tony wasn’t awful to look at, and Cameron brushed up well in a suit. One Metro writer (who shall understandably remain nameless) even admitted to thinking Churchill had a certain… something.

But it’s our new Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, that finally seems to be turning up the heat in Westminster.

He’s not NOT hot (Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

His appeal is no doubt helped by the fact that there’s long been speculation that Sir Keir was the inspiration behind Mark Darcy, the dashing human rights lawyer that Bridget Jones falls in love with.

While author Helen Fielding has since quashed the rumours, she has said that Keir is ‘really sexy’ and that there are similarities between the two.

And the internet seems to be in agreement. ‘Is Keir Starmer our hottest Prime Minister in history?’ asks TikTok creator, TheBaldestBitch in a now viral video.

Comparing Keir to the likes of Liz Truss, ‘Gordy B’, ‘T Blair’, Harold Wilson and Winston Churchill, sexy Starmer came out on top.

‘He’s stunning… like a fine wine,’ reads one comment. ‘I’m so glad someone has said this,’ said another.

And a third simply wrote what we already know: ‘Daddy Starmer’.

Others say they’ve had a Keir kink for a while now: ‘Some of us have been on the horny Keir train for quite some time and no I won’t move my bag so you can sit down,’ wrote one user on X.

So what is it that makes the new guy in number 10 a 10/10?

He’s objectively handsome

The internet has already spoken – and experts agree: Keir is fit.

Gemma Nice, a sex and relationships coach says Keir ‘is a fine figure of a man’.

‘With high cheek bones and beautiful hair, he’s like the handsome dad in the playground or the posher end on a rugby field.’

Would a young Keir get it? (Picture: John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

He’s got the power

Gemma also adds that his new job has a part to play in his appeal. ‘He has the ultimate power as PM,’ she says. ‘He’s vowed in an election campaign that focused on healthcare, education, childcare – certainly what women need right now.’

Clinical psychologist, Dr Sarah Bishop says that his position as the leader of the opposition in the campaign made him seem like a ‘rebel’ – always a sexy trope.

‘Rebellion against societal norms can contribute to someone becoming a sex symbol,’ she says. ‘When a person defies expectations and embraces their individuality, it can be incredibly alluring.

‘Their refusal to conform to societal standards can be seen as rebellious and sexy, making them an object of desire for those who appreciate authenticity and nonconformity.’

He’s new

To put it simply, we like anything new and shiny.

‘When someone unexpected enters the spotlight, they can capture the imagination of the public and evoke curiosity and intrigue,’ Dr Sarah says.

‘This novelty factor can make them alluring and attractive in the eyes of many.’

Quite the ladies man (Picture: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

He cares

From his background as a human rights lawyer, to his policies in the election campaign, Dr Sarah says that we feel an emotion connection to him.

‘When someone’s words resonate deeply with others, it can create a profound emotional bond,’ she says. ‘This emotional connection can enhance their attractiveness and make them irresistible to many.’

His personality

We know Keir is smart enough to have a public and private persona, but people are drawn to what they do see: his confidence.

Dr Sarah says: ‘When a person exudes self-assurance and carries themselves with poise, it can be incredibly appealing. Confidence can be a magnet, drawing others in and making them see the person in a new, more attractive light.’

Meanwhile Gemma says: ‘He is also a family man and comes from a working-class background so women can relate to his feminine side.’

Brooding? (Picture: Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images)

Still not convinced? Well this new crop of MPs has a fair few heart throbs to choose from.

For the who fancy themselves a politico WAG, Bobby Dean, the new Lib Dem MP for Carshalton & Wallington, is certainly worth a Google (one TikToker commented: ‘Can he bring back eat out to help out’) and Dr Luke Evans, the Tory MP for Hinckley & Bosworth, has been nicknamed ‘the honourable doctor fitty’ on Twitter.

You’re welcome.

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