First Diablo 4 player to reach hardcore level 100 loses all progress

What goes up must come down (pic: Blizzard)

The first player to reach level 100 in Diablo 4’s hardcore mode has met an unfortunate demise, after the game suddenly disconnected.

Currently, there’s an intense race going on in Diablo 4 to hit level 100 with a hardcore character, as Blizzard has pledged to immortalise the first 1,000 players’ names on Lillith’s statue in the game. 

Leading the pack is Twitch streamer Souaïb ‘cArn’ Hanaf, who proudly claimed the title of being the very first person to reach level 100 in the punishing permadeath mode. 

But, unfortunately, just when cArn was gearing up to take on the final boss, a sudden disconnect from the server left his character dead and defeated for good. 

In Diablo 4’s hardcore mode, if your character dies, then they’re toast for good, forcing you to begin anew from level 1. 

To prevent players from exploiting the system by intentionally disconnecting when their health is critically low, the game treats a disconnect as a full-blown death sentence.

If the game hadn’t been always-online, and require a permanent internet connection, then the character wouldn’t have died.

As a result, when cArn restarted the game, he was crushed to find out that his hardcore level 100 Barbarian character – whom he had kept upgrading for a whopping 82 hours – had met their tragic end. 

The fact that the streamer’s character died doesn’t take away their title as the first player to achieve this remarkable feat, meaning that his handle will still be engraved on Lilith’s statue. 

The competition will come to a close when either 1,000 players achieve hardcore level 100 or by the end of September 1. 

However, given that Diablo 4 players have already poured 93 million hours into the game, it’s more likely that the former milestone will be reached first. 

Sadly, a fellow player with ambitions of reaching level 100 suffered a similar sudden death when they unintentionally nodded off while playing Diablo 4

It happened because they had been grinding for a straight 24 hours, serving as a reminder to take regular breaks and prioritising rest while gaming. 

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