Firefighters save confused delivery robots

“Confused” Co-op delivery robots have been rescued by firefighters, said Metro. When Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue attended the scene of a derelict building fire on Saturday, the six-wheeled white robots “got a bit confused” as they tried to cross the busy road, because they “weren’t able to ride over the hoses”, said the paper. The firefighters came to the rescue, with two of the crew picking the robots up and carrying them over the obstructions.

Wasabi toothpaste in top collection

The world’s largest collection of toothpaste has 2,037 different toothpaste tubes, reported UPI, with unusual flavours including wasabi and whiskey. Dr Val Kolpakov said his collection includes rare toothpastes from countries including Japan, Korea, China, India and Russia. “I started my collection in 2001 to learn more as a dentist about all available toothpastes on the market,” he told Guinness World Records. He quickly decided it was a “very interesting hobby”, he said, and he widened his search to take in old toothpastes and tubes from other countries.

Asteroid may solve mysteries

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