Electric car drivers SLAMMED by motorist in charging point row – but people are divided

LOCALS have been left divided over electric cars being left parked up at a rapid charging point for more than an hour.

A picture posted to social media shows two electric hybrid motors parked up at a charging bay in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

The electric cars sparked debate on social media


The electric cars sparked debate on social media

The poster furiously claimed the Kia and the BMW were parked up for more than an hour – meaning they could not charge their own vehicle at the station.

They described the scene as “disgusting behaviour” and wished the car owners received a parking fine for their behaviour.

The post read: “Absolutely criminal what these two electric/hybrid drivers are doing.

“Been here since 15.03 waiting to get onto the rapid charge, it’s now 15.48 and they’ve still not moved.

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“The Kia is fully charged up and BMW sitting in a space no even charging!!!!!

“You only get one hour maximum to charge your car and when I arrived they were all done.

“Why do some folk need to be so selfish when other vehicle users like them need I to these spaces?

“Absolutely disgusting behaviour!!!! Hope they get a fine if the parking guy comes round!”

Other furious locals were quick to react to the parking.

One resident fumed: “One reason I don’t need the inconvenience of an electric car.

“I think other people will probably be thinking or doing the same.”

Another said: “If it’s in East Ayrshire this won’t change until the council start charging for charging unfortunately.”

A third said: “You don’t need to you know?

“They will be thrown aside once their batteries die and need replacing, it’s just a waiting game.”

But some thought the drivers were not at fault.

One said: “Sadly people will park for as long as they are going to be wherever it is they are.

“I wouldn’t go running back to my car half way through my day if my car was charged to just move it.”

We told previously how a Scots car manufacturer has revealed a new electric 4×4 ready for mass production – which has already received orders from around the world.

Munro Vehicles was co-founded by Russell Peterson and Ross Anderson in 2019.

The pair created the Munro MK_1 – an all-electric 4×4 which can navigate the most challenging terrain.

The manufacturer claims that the car can run up to 16 hours on just a single battery charge.

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The five-door, five-seat off-roader is priced from £49,995 (excluding VAT).

The company is set to hand-build 50 cars in East Kilbride next year.

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