Dublin Airport flights temporarily suspended due to drone activity – The Irish Times

Dublin Airport suspended flight operations on Thursday night as a result of drone activity in the area.

In a tweet just after 6.30pm, DAA, which operates the airport, said: “Due to confirmed drone activity, flight operations at Dublin Airport have been suspended. Further updates to follow.”

Flight operations resumed just before 7pm, and a spokesman for the airport said the gardaí were “immediately advised”.

“Three flights were diverted discommoding passengers as a result of this reckless and illegal activity of flying a drone within 5km of Dublin Airport,” the tweet said.

It is the latest such incident of the small, remote control aircraft being spotted in the skies surrounding the airport and disrupting aircraft schedules.

Both Ryanair and Aer Lingus have previously issued statement describing the repeated incidents of drone activity at the airport as “unacceptable” and “very concerning”.

“The severe disruption imposed on passengers, airlines and other stakeholders is unacceptable and measures to address the drone issue must be now expedited in order to prevent any further recurrence of this type of disruption,” the Aer Lingus statement said.

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