‘Dreamer’ Ashton Kutcher thankful for ‘executor’ Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher has praised Mila Kunis for being the “executor” in their relationship.

Ashton Kutcher has praised wife Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher has praised wife Mila Kunis

The ‘Your Place or Mine’ actor – who has children Wyatt, eight, and six-year-old Dimitri with his wife – recently embarked on a road trip across the USA with his family and credited the ‘Black Swan’ actress for having the skills to turn his dreams into reality.

Ashton told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I’m like, ‘We should go on a road trip across the United States.’ And she goes, ‘Ok,’ and then plans every stop and makes sure that it’s dialled in.

“We just got in a sprinter van and drove through the national parks of the United States, because she planned the whole damn thing. I got the sprinter van. I came up with the idea, she executed it.

“I’m a dreamer, she’s an executor, and that would be like the opposite functions that we serve.”

Although the pair have starred in romantic comedies in the past, they haven’t done so on screen together but Ashton, 44, insisted it isn’t necessary because he and his 39-year-old spouse are already living in one.

He said: “Well, I think it exists. It’s called ‘No Strings Attached’ or ‘Friends With Benefits’.

“You can choose the title. It’s the same movie, and we both made it, and then we both lived it.”

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