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Dee-Dee is set to uncover a huge secret (Picture: ITV)

Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) is set to uncover a horrifying secret about boyfriend Joel Deering in upcoming Coronation Street scenes, but actor Callum Lill is confident for their future.

Joel and Dee-Dee first started dating last year, and they hit it off right away. However, it will soon become clear that Dee-Dee actually knows very little about who her new man really is.

Right from the start, Joel was impressed by Dee-Dee, as actor Callum explained.

‘I think the main thing that attracted him to her is I don’t think he’s ever met anyone like her before,’ he said.

‘I think when they first went on a date at The Rovers and he found out that she’d done law in America and she’s also practising in the UK, I think he recognises “Oh, she’s switched on,” and yet she’s so funny and self-deprecating.

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‘I imagine in his world, there’s a lot of very serious people and to meet someone who is so good at their job, so intelligent, and yet so playful and having a laugh, I just think he was blown away by her. I think that plays into it.

‘He also knows he’s a good solicitor but he knows that he couldn’t do what she does, with America and the UK. I think he admits that.’

One thing he fails to admit, however, is the fact that he’s already married and has a child.

Yes, you heard that right.

Joel has no choice but to come clean (Picture: ITV)

In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, Dee-Dee finds a receipt for some expensive jewellery, and Joel makes excuses that he’s bought himself some cufflinks. However, the truth is very different.

When Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) later spots Joel being driven away by a sullen looking woman, her suspicions are raised. Later, she shows Dee-Dee the CCTV footage from the Bistro, and Dee-Dee is quick to confront him.

It is then that he admits that he has a wife, Emily, and a daughter, Maisie (great name), and that Emily had thrown him out while she was pregnant, after learning that he had had an affair.

Dee-Dee is left totally reeling from the bombshell, but what will she do next?

The secret is out – Joel has a wife and daughter (Picture: ITV)

Callum is hopeful that Joel will be able to win Dee-Dee over, though it may take some grovelling.

‘He’s done a wrong thing but I think, not for the right reasons, but he’s not meant to harm her, he’s just meant to have a good relationship with her.

‘He’s going to have to grovel and explain himself but what I like about it is it’s not black and white, it’s kind of grey and in the middle, and I hope what the audience enjoys is watching two young people trying to navigate quite a realistic relationship.

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‘It’s not Prince Charming and they’re going to sail off into the sunset, he’s got baggage and he’s made mistakes and he’s human. He’s not perfect.’

Despite this massive hiccup in their relationship, Callum hopes that there is still the chance of a wedding for Joel and Dee-Dee later down the line.

‘I think Dee-Dee is an incredible character and a very proud woman and strong woman. He needs to do his grovelling, he absolutely needs to do his grovelling and he needs to make it up to her. But I want to see them both happy. I’d love to see a Dee-Dee/Joel wedding.’

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