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Billy learns of Paul’s MND diagnosis through the court (Picture: ITV)

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) has been really concerned about Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) in recent Coronation Street scenes, but he has so far been unable to figure out what is causing his worrying behaviour.

In tonight’s (May 26) episode, Billy sought answers from Paul’s best friend Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Viewers will know that Dee-Dee has been representing Paul ahead of his court appearance for car theft, something that he has kept hidden from partner Billy.

However, it is his motor neurone disease diagnosis that is playing on his mind, something else he has been determined to keep quiet.

Suspecting that he would have confided in Dee-Dee about whatever it was that was bothering him, Billy begged her to tell him what she knew.

Not willing to break Paul’s trust, she told Billy that he needed to speak to him himself.

Later, after considering sacking it off completely, Paul turned up to his court hearing with Dee-Dee by his side for support.

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However, they both got quite a shock when Billy arrived, determined to know what was going on.

Horrified, Paul begged Dee-Dee not to mention his MND, but she pointed out that his medical records had already been handed over.

With the situation out of their control, they were forced to wait as the court had a discussion.

After what felt like hours for poor Paul, the judge announced that he would be receiving a suspended sentence due to his diagnosis, leaving Billy completely speechless.

As the court emptied, Billy confronted Paul, revealing how hurt he was to have been kept in the dark.

Later, Billy returned home to Paul and allowed him to explain everything, before promising to stand by him.

Billy had been worried about Paul’s out of character behaviour (Picture: ITV)

When mum Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove) arrived to berate Paul for refusing to come to sister Gemma’s (Dolly-Rose Campbell) wedding, Billy urged him to tell her the truth about what was going on.

However, Paul refused, claiming that he knew Gemma was onto him, and he wanted to stay as far away as possible so that she remembered her wedding day as the day she married the man she loved, not the day she found out her brother was dying.

As Paul broke down, he admitted just how scared he was.

Will Billy convince him to open up to the rest of his family?

Reflecting on the shattering discovery Dan Brocklebank told us: ‘Of course, he’s devastated. I think it’s a difficult thing as he’s going to be stuck in between being a pastoral role, but also, this is a personal journey, so it’s not the same as a parishioner.

Billy is devastated as he only just got Paul back (Picture: ITV)

‘He’s very, very aware that that time together is coming to an end. And their time as it stands, is coming to an end, because of course the longer it goes on, the less Paul will be able to do.

‘I think for Billy it’s utterly heartbreaking that he feels like he’s just got this guy back and they’ve got things on track and he thought that everything was going well, and then all of a sudden, bang!

‘This thing comes in and literally smashes everything out of the park completely dismantles the future that he thought that they were building on.’

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