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Amy reports Aaron to the police (Picture: ITV)

Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) finally opened up about her rape ordeal at the hands of Aaron Sandford (James Craven) in Coronation Street, after suffering in silence for several weeks.

Aaron had fallen out with girlfriend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) on the day of the assault, which led him to share a drunken kiss with Amy.

However, he failed to notice that she had fallen unconscious and was unable to consent to sex when he took things even further.

Since then, he has tried to convince her to keep it to herself and forget about it, so that Summer wouldn’t find out about his betrayal.

However, it all came crumbling down for Aaron in recent scenes when Summer found a text to Amy on his phone, asking her to put things behind her and move back in.

Summer won’t forgive Aaron (Picture: ITV)

Suspicious Summer demanded the full story, and Aaron told her that he and Amy had slept together.

Furious, Summer confronted an unsuspecting Amy, accusing her of sleeping with her boyfriend.

Hurt Amy tried to explain, but was unable to get the words out before Summer stormed off.

It was this confrontation that encouraged Amy to finally open up to mum Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

Tracy was devastated to learn what Amy had been through, and insisted on telling her dad, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson). Amy confessed that she couldn’t tell him, and asked Tracy to do it on her behalf.

With her parents now aware of her ordeal, they encouraged her to go to the police and report him officially.

At first, Amy was unconvinced, having seen the way the police had handled Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) stalker Justin (Andrew Still) and what that had led to.

However, she eventually made her way down to the station, with Tracy by her side for support, and told officers that she wished to report a rape.

As Amy recounted her ordeal to police, Aaron was trying his best to get back on side with Summer, insisting that they had made a drunken mistake and it was her that she loved.

Aaron and Amy got drunk together before he raped her (Picture: ITV)

The pair struggled to fix their relationship, and Summer, unable to forgive him, kicked him out.

Later, Aaron was shocked to come face to face with police officers, who immediately put him under arrest.

He tried to argue that he was innocent, but was taken to the station in the back of the car.

Will Amy get the justice she deserves?

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