Christmas revellers in stitches over ‘fever dream’ ice rink – they’re all saying the same thing

CHRISTMAS revellers have been left in stitches over a “fever dream” ice rink – and they’re all saying the same thing.

The skating rink, spotted in Harrow, North London, doesn’t actually have any ice and instead kids are seen skating on a plastic floor.

Christmas revellers have been left in stitches over the 'fever dream' rink that doesn't have any ice


Christmas revellers have been left in stitches over the ‘fever dream’ rink that doesn’t have any iceCredit: hanazarahh /TikTok

TikTok user Hanah Zarah shared a clip of the kids scuttling around on the hard floor to social media.

She said: “No, only in Harrow. Only in Harrow will they have a floor, a literal floor where they are skating on.”

The video has clocked up more than 3.2 million views and garnered a series of hilarious responses.

One person wrote: “No, I was there the other day and it literally says ‘ice rink’ with ice crossed out.”

Another person said: “Injury advice lawyers in Harrow are buzzing right now.”

Someone else said: “Harrow is just a fever dream and I love living here.”

A fourth commented: “Sounds like people are tap dancing.”

One person said a similar rink is out in Croydon called a “synthetic ice rink”.

The rink was celebrated as a free attraction for families and friends in the area.

It comes as a model has slammed “Karens” after claiming she was forced off an ice rink over the length of her skirt.

Lowri Rose was skating at Winter Wonderland in Cardiff, when she was reportedly ordered off the ice after another customer complained about her outfit.

The model, who was wearing the mini skirt over shorts, has demanded a refund, saying that the ordeal “completely ruined” her experience and left her “humiliated”.

She claimed staff at the event were complicit in “bullying” by acting on the complaint from a “Karen”, a slang term for a woman, usually white, who is seen as entitled or demanding.

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