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Brianna, 16, was stabbed 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back with a hunting knife (Picture: PA)

A girl accused of murdering Brianna Ghey has said a ‘kill list’ with the transgender teenager’s name on was just part of her ‘dark fantasies’.

The youth, identified only as Girl X, told jurors at Manchester Crown Court she had ‘no intention’ of ever going through with it.

Brianna, 16, was stabbed 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back with a hunting knife during a ‘frenzied’ attack after being lured to Linear Park in Culcheth, near Warrington, on February 11.

Girl X and another youth, identified only as Boy Y – both now 16 but aged 15 at the time of the killing, deny murder and blame each other.

On day 10 of their trial, Girl X gave evidence from the witness box, screened from the view of the public gallery by a curtain and accompanied by an intermediary to assist her welfare.

She told the jury she began to fantasise about killing people aged 14, around the time she began to take an interest in ‘dark materials’ such as films of murder and torture and serial killers.

Brianna Ghey was found dead in Culcheth Linear Park in Warrington, Cheshire (Picture: PA)
Photo issued by Cheshire Police of a crumpled, hand-written note of an alleged ‘murder plan’ (Picture: PA)

Girl X said she had downloaded an app that allowed her to search for such things on the ‘Dark Web’.

Defending, Richard Pratt KC asked: ‘Did watching films about murder and torture make you want to torture or kill people?’

The teen replied: ‘No. I found the whole idea of it interesting. Different personalities of serial killers and different ways they would carry things out.’

She said Boy Y also had ‘similar interests’ to her.

Girl X continued: ‘I would share the dark fantasies that I have. Things to do with murdering people and torturing people. He would go along with it. He seemed to like that sort of stuff.’

She denied being ‘obsessed’ with Brianna, but said she found her ‘different’ and ‘interesting’.

And she said in Snapchat messages between her and Boy Y, he had refereed to Brianna as an ‘it’ because, she said, ‘he doesn’t agree with people who were trans or gay’.

Mr Pratt said: ‘Did you have any anti-transgender views?’ Girl X replied: ‘No.’

A girl and a boy, both aged 15 at the time, were charged with the murder of Brianna (Picture: PA)

She denied trying to give Brianna an overdose to kill her a few weeks before she was stabbed, after the court heard she told Boy Y she had given the teenager Ibuprofen pills but had not died.

Girl X said: ‘I was making a fantasy about killing Brianna even though I had no intention.’

Mr Pratt also asked the young defendant about five other children on her and Boy Y’s alleged ‘Kill list’.

Again she said these were all just fantasies and she had no intention of carrying them out.

Telling Boy Y she wanted to keep the teeth or eye of one purported victim was again part of the fantasy and something some serial killers had done.

Girl X said at times she would self-harm as a ‘coping’ mechanism, and the court has heard she has ‘traits’ of autism and ADHD.

She also said she had, at times, felt suicidal and was taking medication.

Earlier, jurors were shown a crumpled, hand-written note of an alleged ‘murder plan’ to kill Brianna found on the bedroom floor of Girl X after her arrest.

Notes were also made on serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and Harold Shipman in a black Pukka notebook.

Jurors have heard X and Y had a fixation with torture, violence and death, with Girl X describing herself as a ‘Satanist’.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.

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