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Caption: Girl claims she saw boy stabbing Brianna Ghey in murder trial (Picture: PA)

A girl accused of the ‘frenzied’ murder of transgender teen Brianna Ghey has told court she heard a scream and turned to see her co-accused stabbing Brianna.

The 16-year-old, identified only as girl X because of her age, became visibly upset as she told the jury she saw the second suspect, identified as boy Y, knifing Brianna.

Brianna was stabbed 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back with a hunting knife after she went to Linear Park in Culcheth, Warrington, on the afternoon of February 11.

Girl X told the court she had expected to ‘hang out’ with Brianna and boy Y that afternoon when they stopped by a bench, which she walked away from temporarily.

She told her defense lawyer, KC Richard Pratt: ‘When I walked off, I heard a noise like someone screaming and that’s when I turned around.

Mr Pratt said: ‘What did you see when you turned around?’

Brianna was just 16 when she was brutally murdered (Picture: PA)
Vigils were held in memory of the teen (Picture: PA)

Girl X replied: ‘I saw boy Y stabbing Brianna.’

When asked how many times boy Y stabbed Brianna, girl X said it was about five times.

She added: ‘I saw her fall and land face down on the floor. I saw him stood next to her, leaning over, looking down at her… I was in shock.’

Earlier in the trial, girl X admitted watching internet torture and killing material from the ‘dark web’ and having an interest in serial killers.

She also admitted she had ‘dark fantasies’ of killing other children, including of killing Brianna – but had no intention of making any of it reality.

Mr Pratt continued: ‘You told the jury of your interest in films. Did you like seeing Brianna stabbed in that way?’

The two teens accused of killing her have blamed each other (Picture: PA)
The trial continues this month (Picture: MEN Media)

Girl X said: ‘No.’

Mr Pratt said: ‘What did you do?’

Girl X denied taking part in the stabbing and telling boy Y to stab Brianna, saying: ‘I knew if I tried to step in boy Y could easily have overpowered me in that situation.

‘I walked over to see whether I could see her breathing. I couldn’t.’

Both girl X and boy Y, who were aged 15 at the time, now both 16, deny murder and both are blaming each other for Brianna’s death.

Just a week ago, boy Y told the court when he had gone to the toilet by a tree, he turned around and saw Girl X stabbing Brianna.

He said girl X stopped stabbing Brianna because she saw another member of the public in the park and she ran away. He followed, with them both then walking away from the park.

Box Y continued: ‘I asked her why she did it. She said Brianna tried to break her and her boyfriend up.’

Jury members at Manchester Crown Court have already been shown an alleged handwritten ‘murder plan’ found in girl X’s bedroom.

Notes were also made on serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and Harold Shipman in a black Pukka notebook.

They have also seen text messages between girl X and boy Y, allegedly showing the plan to lure Brianna to the park and kill her.

Jurors have heard X and Y had a fixation with torture, violence and death, with girl X describing herself as a ‘satanist’.

The trial continues.

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