AJ Bunker’s hospital dash

‘Love Island’s Andrea ‘AJ’ Bunker became “seriously ill” after returning from a holiday to Sri Lanka.

AJ Bunker's hospital dash

AJ Bunker’s hospital dash

The 30-year-old reality TV star – who competed on the ITV2 show in 2021 – revealed that she was rushed to urgent care after suddenly becoming unwell.

She wrote on Instagram: “Sorry for being so quiet. I became really ill when I got back from Sri Lanka, to the point where I had to go to urgent care.

“Since then I’ve been focusing on getting 100 per cent better, while catching up with my family/friends. I’m finally feeling better and will be back to posting.”

Meanwhile, AJ revealed in August that she had split from her boyfriend after finding out he was a secret gay porn star.

She said: “We met at an event and he told me he was a model and had a football coaching company.

“I was actually chatting to someone before this but called things off because I was getting to know this guy. He seemed like an absolute dream. He told me he had a car, a dog, a lovely neighbour down the road who he’d go and visit, and he said he had his own place.

“He told me he wrote songs for Sony too and he seemed like the perfect guy and it was too good to be true.”

AJ explained that a friend tipped her off about his secret life, adding: “It was extreme porn. It was all with men and I could see as clear as day that it was him.

“I was absolutely mortified and I didn’t think it could get any worse and then I discovered that. He’d even asked one of my gay friends to send him photos.

“I want people to be aware and know that sometimes people aren’t always who they say they are.”

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