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Another momentous week in the land of soap (Picture: BBC / ITV / Lime Pictures)

The soaps are lining up another dramatic week, with big secrets set to be exposed, courtroom verdicts delivered and sad goodbyes all on the cards.

Suki Panesar is determined to get vile husband Nish out of the picture once and for all in EastEnders but she could be facing some serious questions when the plan she’s concocted with Eve Unwin begins to fall apart.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Charity Dingle make an upsetting discovery, while over on Coronation Street, the end of Justin Rutherford’s trial is nigh, with the jury reaching a verdict.

Emotions run high in Hollyoaks, with heartbreaking scenes on the cards as a number of the village’s finest come together to celebrate Juliet Nightingale, while Peri Lomax plans a special surprise of her own for her girlfriend.

For all this and more, Metro.co.uk’s bumper Friday spoiler guide is your one-stop soapy shop for all things next week (Monday June 5 to 9).


1. Linda struggles in the wake of the Knight clans’ invasion at the Vic, convinced that George is up to no good, with her suspicions piqued when she learns that the newcomer still hasn’t sold his bar in Marbella. The landlady orders him out of her boozer but, determined to get the upper hand, George proposes to Elaine! Linda pleads with her mum not to marry him, but will her words have any effect?

2. Linda kicks off a mission to find out what George is up to, with a seemingly game-changing discovery soon falling into her lap, leading her to confront George once more, but just what has she found out?

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Linda confronts George to find out what he’s up to (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

3. After overhearing Nish on the phone making a dodgy deal, Eve relays her discovery to Suki, with the lovers’ subsequently getting all the details they can on the deal in question as they plot their escape. Suki rushes off to report Nish before saying a veiled goodbye to Vinny. Nish, however, returns home – and accuses Vinny of reporting him!

4. Sharon buys The Arches from Ben, much to Phil’s horror, with the former Queen Vic landlady revealing her gift to Keanu, who is left stunned. The young mechanic finds it difficult to process the fact that Sharon is supporting him, believing it should be the other way about. Sharon, however, soon worries about Keanu’s ability to run a business, hiring Reiss to look after the books.

Ben and Jay support one another (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

5. Ben focuses all of his attention on Lexi in the aftermath of Lola’s death, but she’s finding it hard to open up. The concerned dad takes his daughter for an ice cream, trying to get her excited about going to see Callum, but all Lexi wants to do is go home to Jay and get into bed. Callum advises his husband to brave the subject of Lola and to allow grieving Lexi to talk about her mum.

6. Jay invites Kim and Billy over to share out more items from Lola’s memory box with Ben. As his friends try to give Jay the strength to go on, it’s clear he’s faltering in the midst of this all-consuming grief.

7. Freddie and Bobby are smitten with the Knight girls and try to flirt over free fish and chips. The girls play along and agree to give them free drinks at The Vic later.

Coronation Street

8. After Justin is led into the dock, the barristers deliver their closing speeches, but Daisy’s hope ultimately fades. With the jury then deliberating, suspicious Daniel quizzes Daisy about the tension he’s picked up on between she and Ryan. Daisy covers, making out that it’s just guilt over letting Ryan think that he’s in a relationship with Crystal. Their attention, however, is soon elsewhere, as the jury returns, having reached a verdict. But just what will it be?

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The verdict is in (Picture: ITV)

9. With Ryan having discovered he’s being catfished, Carla urges him to try and find out who’s behind the scam and report them to the police. Daisy masks her anxiety as she hears the truth about Crystal.

10. Having been told of his early release, Max jams his bed across his cell door, determined he’s staying put. David talks to Max through the door and assures him he wants to help. In tears, Max admits that he did some terrible things and can’t face returning home

11. Damon calls at the flat under the pretence of looking for Adam. When Sarah reveals that her husband is actually out, the gangster produces a bottle of wine, suggesting that he keep her company instead. Sarah admits that although she loves Adam, she simply can’t stop thinking about Damon. Damon responds by leaning in for a kiss, but the door opens, forcing them apart. Gail eyes them suspiciously as she explains that Harry’s got a temperature. As Damon goes to leave, Sarah can’t help herself, approach him – with a kiss ensuing. Unbeknown to them, however, Harry watches from the corridor, having seen the moment of passion!

Yasmeen pays Roy a visit (Picture: ITV)

12. Evelyn visits Roy, only to find Yasmeen there again. As Roy explains how her finding Hayley’s coat has rekindled their friendship, Evelyn bristles. When Roy asks her if she’d mind keeping Freddie while he recuperates, Evelyn makes out it’s a huge imposition.

13. Ed and Aggie are taken aback to bump into old neighbours Patrick and Yvette. Aggie’s quietly fuming when Yvette insists they join them, with Ed later explaining to Dee-Dee that Aggie reckons Yvette will look down her nose at them over where they’re now living.

14. Stephen is stunned when Carla reveals that she’s selling her share of the factory, with a buyer already lined up. The killer, however, reads an email from the life insurance company, confirming the first payment, with him subsequently suggesting to Elaine that they remortgage Redbank in order to buy Carla out.


15. Nicky is conflicted on the morning of his wedding to Gabby, with Ally suggesting that they get married instead and, when Caleb again shifts the goal posts, insisting that they’ll have to play a much longer game than they’d initially planned, Nicky is livid. Gabby, meanwhile, dons her wedding dress, revealing to Nicky that she’d like him to adopt Thomas, which proves to be the final straw for the nanny, who blurts out that he’s gay and cannot go through with the wedding.

16. Caleb is livid with Nicky for revealing the truth, punching his son right in the face before disowning him. Not content with assaulting him, Caleb insists that Nicky take the fall when he empties the Home Farm bank accounts, leaving the nanny stunned. Things, however, take a turn, with Caleb logging in to Kim’s bank accounts to find out that they’ve already been drained of cash. Frustrated, the schemer’s facade slips when confronted by an angry Kim.

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An eventful week in the Dales (Picture: ITV)

17. Charity invites Chloe to Sarah’s birthday party, but she’s left upset when Mack shows up with Reuben, worried that there might be a romantic connection between the two. The landlady is crushed when her suspicions are confirmed, spotting Chloe kissing Mack in the backroom, with the moment having arisen as a result of the parents witnessing Rueben’s first smile. Charity confides what she saw in Chas, who knows full well she’s not over Mack.

18. Bear invites Mandy out for lunch, making a move on her as he leans in for a kiss. Mandy, however, is absolutely stunned, with Bear horrified that he’s misread the signals. But a heartfelt conversation ensues, with Mandy explaining that she’s still harbouring feelings for Paddy, with the former wrestler encouraging her to not leave things unsaid, urging her to tell Paddy how she feels, with Mandy ultimately doing just that. How will Paddy react?

18. Charles is left deeply troubled, with Claudette trying to distract him by critiquing his sermons. The vicar, however is in no mood for such antics, as he heads of to the prison, bracing himself to meet with a man named Victor, urging him to stay away. Charles later snaps at his family, leaving Claudette worried that he doesn’t want her to stay any longer.

20. Moira surprises Cain with the news that they have now sold the cattle, and their farming life is ending.


21. Romeo joins forces with Damon and Zara, hosting a special night in Juliet’s honour at the Love Boat, with her favourite film set to be screened. The evening in question doesn’t exactly go as one might’ve hoped, but Juliet has the time of her life all the same, spending precious time with her nearest and dearest and sharing some fun stories in the process.

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Tribute is paid to Juliet (Picture: Lime Pictures)

22. Peri plans her own emotional surprise for Juliet, whose condition soon worsens. With assistance from Donna-Marie, the nurse decorates the folly with photographs of happy times spent with Juliet, before reading what she imagined to be her wedding vows aloud. Juliet returns the favour, giving her girlfriend a memory to cherish forever when her favourite song begins to play, forcing herself to her feet to dance with her.

23. An old acquaintance of Norma’s gets in touch upon his release from prison, with Norma swiftly trying to get him out of her life by offering him some cash to start a new life. Jack, however, overhears her drop the name Terry Smart, leaving him seriously concerned, with subsequent scenes confirming Terry to be an old criminal Jack dealt with while in the force.

24. Sharon ends up at the garage after hearing some strange noises coming from her car. Warren wastes little time in flirting with her, but Sharon makes it clear she’s not interested. Sienna, meanwhile, walks in to the garage to find Sharon exiting the back of a vehicle, leading her to believe that the doctor is Warren’s new flame.

25. Sam is devastated by the decision Zoe has made and is hopeful that he can change her mind. Dave and Ethan, meanwhile, try to calm him down, but Sam lets his emotions get the better of him. When Ethan reveals that he knew what Zoe was planning all along, the suspended policeman swings for his uncle.

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