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After closing the restaurant six months ago due to issues with her visa, Aussie chef Alexis Noble is back in N16

It’s no secret that running a restaurant in London is hard, doubly so in a cost-of-living crisis. Closures are commonplace at the moment, but there are some that hit particularly hard, like the sudden announcement that P.Franco, and Bright (plus sister wine shop Noble Fine Liquor) were shutting up shop for good with immediate effect. There is some good news though – after closing just under six months ago, Wander is returning to Stoke Newington.

Aussie owner Alexis Noble was forced to shut the restaurant in September of last year owing to issues with her UK visa, but as she says on Instagram, “I was 100% ready to go home for good. I’d prepared the restaurant for sale & even showed the property to some agents. However our final months of service with all our amazing regulars made me realise this restaurant is my home and I was not ready to leave. The problem was to go apply from Aus there would be no guarantee that my visa would actually be granted, the wait time was a minimum of 24 weeks & if I was denied after I left the UK I was not allowed to return even as a tourist for over 2 years.”

The gamble paid off as her new visa has been granted quicker than she expected, meaning she’s been able to return to Stoke Newington and can now go about re-opening Wander. As Alexis believed the closure was permanent, she shut everything down for good when she left, so it’ll be a few weeks before the restaurant is ready for diners while she sorts internet, sets up a reservation system and finds staff, so watch this space for opening dates.

Opens spring 2023
214 Stoke Newington High Street, London N167HU

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