The Ultimate Eataly London Gift Guide

There is nothing more satisfying than giving someone a Christmas present that they love. Even with the fussiest of friends and family members, certain gifts are guaranteed to excite and delight, every single time. Everyone loves delicious food after all! This winter, you can find an irresistible array of Italian produce, perfect for gifting at Eataly London. So we’ve put together an Eataly London gift guide on some of our favourite things to give you a bit of inspo…

Presents for passionate foodies

eataly London gift guide

1. Eataly London Gift Card

If you’re searching for a gift for someone who takes their foodie endeavours very seriously, why not let them take the reins? With an Eataly London gift card, they’ll have the freedom to explore over 6,000 mouthwatering products that the market has to offer, before picking out the perfect present to suit their tastes.

2. Eataly London Cooking Class

Eataly London’s cooking school, La Scuola, holds fantastic classes where you can learn all the secrets behind perfecting your favourite Italian dishes, including ravioli, classic long pasta and pizza. The festivities will start with a celebratory glass of prosecco, before cooking alongside La Scuola’s skilled chef. Then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour and take home detailed recipe cards so you can recreate the magic at home!

eataly London gift guide

3. Deluxe Hampers

Whether you’re buying for a lover of pasta, pistachio, antipasti, or all of the above, an Eataly London deluxe hamper is the perfect Christmas gift for any foodie. You can choose from one from their pre-made selection or create your own bespoke gift box to suit their tastes. With over 6000 Italian products to choose from, Eataly London food market really is your oyster!

For the perfect hosts

eataly London gift guide

4. Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel

Known as the King of the Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano’s complex, fruity and nutty flavour makes it both the star of the show on an antipasti board, as well as the perfect addition to any Italian dish. The flavour and texture of this artisan product changes with the seasons, making every wheel unique. A whole wheel is as big as 38kg, but you can get one cut to any size you wish – so you can delight one of your cheese loving friends with a one-of-a-kind Parmigiano Reggiano wheel this Christmas!

5. Prosciutto di Parma

It wouldn’t be an Eataly London gift guide without the King of Hams! And there are few things more delicious than a wafer thin slice of silky smooth Prosciutto di Parma. And at Eataly London, you can buy an entire leg of this delectable cured ham. Cured for a minimum of 400 days, the flavour is full and delicately balanced. If you did want to gift it as part of a wider haul, mozzarella, rustic bread and extra virgin olive oil are just some of our favourite things to pair it with.

Something for the sweet tooths

6. Eataly Panettone

Home to the UK’s largest selection of this traditional sweet Italian bread, it only seems right that Eataly London has finally released their first-ever private label panettone. There are over 45 different flavours to browse within the market, but our favourite is the Eataly orange and chocolate. Finding just the right balance between bitter and sweet, this is perfect as an offering at a festive gathering or to put under the tree on Christmas morning.

The ultimate stocking fillers

7. Maletto Cotechino

Seasoned with an array of spices, this traditional Italian pork sausage is a popular meal for the festive season. It’s thought to be a good omen, bringing prosperity for the eater if eaten with lentils – so why not give someone you love the gift of delicious food and fantastic vibes for the year ahead?

8. Savini Tartufi Carbonara al Tartufo

They say the best things come in the smallest packages, and this carbonara sauce with truffle will transform any dish into a showstopper. Perfect for pasta or simply spreading on toast, the rich and intense flavour packed into this little jar of heaven will blow your mind and your taste buds.

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