Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners Scheme To Be Slashed In Value

Every little helps, but that ‘little’ is about to get a hell of a lot smaller. Your Tesco Clubcard points won’t be worth quite what they once were come June. The supermarket chain has announced that it will cut the value of its Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner scheme.

What is happening to the Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners scheme?

Currently, Clubcard points are earned through spending in Tesco, which can then be used for discounts in store. If you have 500 points then you have £5 to spend.

Through the Clubcard rewards scheme, Tesco shoppers have also been able to use these points in exchange for vouchers at over one hundred ‘Reward Partners’, such as Legoland, Hotels.com, Cineworld and Pizza Express.

At these reward partners, your points have previously been worth three times as much as they were in Tesco. So essentially 500 Clubcard points would be worth £15 at your favourite restaurants or family activities. However, this will be slashed down to just twice their value. So the same amount of Clubcard points will only be worth £10.

When will the changes to Reward Partners scheme come in?

These changes to the Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners scheme will happen from June 14. But Tesco shoppers will be given plenty of opportunity to make the most of current Clubcard advantages before then. The company will extend the time period that Clubcard rewards are valid from six to 12 months, allowing as many shoppers to use the higher value points.

Has this is ever happened before?

This is not the first time Tesco has done this recently. Back in 2018, Clubcard points were worth four times their value with reward partners. Before being slashed with prior no warning.

It’s not the only retailer to slash its rewards cards recently either. Boots shoppers will earn 3p for every £1 they spend, rather than 4p, on their Advantage Cards from May. While Sainsbury’s Nectar card holders have earned one point for every £2 spent, instead of two points for every £1, since November – where 1000 points equals £5.

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