Paradox Museum is coming to London

The Paradox Museum is opening its first UK site in the capital

London is already home to Twist Museum, a venue dedicated to illusions and the science behind them, but one is seemingly not enough as the Paradox Museum is heading for the city this summer. Having welcomed over 1.5 million people through Paradox Museum locations in Oslo, Paris, Miami, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Shanghai, and Limassol, founders Miltos Kambourides and Sakis Tanimanidis are bringing the experience to London.

With 25 immersive rooms featuring over 50 exhibits, Paradox Museum London is filled to the brim with mind-bending illusions. Highlights include:

  • Zero Gravity Room where you can roam around like a weightless astronaut
  • Camouflage Room where you can disappear into the background
  • Throne Room, where people appear to shrink and grow
  • Reverse Room and its upside-down tube station
  • The perception-shifting Paradox Tunnel, where walking in a straight line becomes impossible

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Opens Weds 17th July 2024
90 Brompton Road, London SW3 1ER

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