It’s going to be warmer than Barcelona in London this weekend

The weather in London is warming up this weekend – but it’s not necessarily going to be sunny

So far, April has lived up to its reputation for being rainy (then again, we’re only a few days in). But it looks like we’re in for a brief interlude of warmer weather this weekend before we go back to regular programming. According to the BBC’s forecast, the mercury could hit 20°C on Sat 6th April, meaning that it would be officially hotter in London than it is in Barcelona.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s officially time to bring the sun cream out of hibernation. While it will be warm on Saturday, it’s likely we’ll only get sun in the earlier hours of the morning and afternoon, after which it may begin to rain again. If you’re planning a picnic, just make sure you’re ready to pack up in time to avoid the drizzle. It’ll also be quite windy, but speeds aren’t set to rise above a fresh breeze.

As for Sunday, the temperature will drop back down to a high of 16°C (sadly, this means we’ll lose out to Barcelona, which will be enjoying a sunny 19°C), and we can expect more wind as well as some showers and sunny spells throughout the day.

Head here for more information on London weather this week.

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