How Likely Is A White Christmas In London This Year?

Just like that, Santa has clicked his fingers and we’re hurtling towards Christmas Day once again, and seeing out what remains of 2024. Perhaps you’re savouring the final moments, or maybe you’re so over it already. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dusting of snow to mark the occasion–but, like, a proper one? One where we can witness the joy of everyone heading out into the parks to hurl snowballs at one another.

Snow-covered London Bridge in Central London
Photo: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

Will London enjoy a White Christmas this year?

It’s unlikely at this point, but there is a slither of hope for a White Christmas in London this year. As it stands, the 25th looks set to remain snowless (booo!), but some predictions are slating a dusting in the big smoke on Boxing Day. This is reported by WX Charts, anyway, with temperatures looking to drop after the big day itself.

Accuweather is another site that gives us a longer overview of the weather forecast, but it doesn’t paint as hopeful a picture for those holding out for a White Christmas. It’s set to be more of a wet and grey Christmas (just what Bing Crosby dreamed of, right?) on the day itself, though lows of -1 on the days after Christmas could deliver us that coating of white that our Instagram feeds have been begging for. No snow, however, is forecasted on Accuweather as it stands, but that could all change, of course.

The end of November brought with it a cold snap, with temperatures plummeting below freezing, but December has kicked off with slightly more mild settings in comparison, which is expected to continue throughout the rest of the month.

So, while it looks unlikely that London will receive a magical dusting of snow on Christmas Day, it’s still in the balance that the days around the big one could satisfy the people’s desires. Now it’s time to play the waiting game…

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