Discover This Month’s Discount For Being In Secret Club London

Thanks so much for becoming a member of our all-new Secret Club London. As well as exclusive guides and other fantastic perks, by joining this exclusive online community, you now have access to fabulous monthly discounts and this month, it’s truly top-notch.

This December, members will receive a 15% discount on Fever, granting you access to one of the hottest events in the city at a discounted price. We’re going to break down some of the fantastic experiences on offer this month, so choose wisely if you’re one of the sacred subscribers to Secret Club London.

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Here’s what you can enjoy with your Secret Club London discount this month:

From must-see exhibitions like Disney 100 and Accidentally Wes Anderson, to creating your own artistic masterpiece at Paint in the Dark, there are so many awesome events for you to check out with your 15% Fever discount. So much so that there’s truly something for everyone. Here’s a little taste of what you could use your discount on this month.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

three pastel pink towers saying 'cocoa','milk','sugar' set against a blue sky

You may have come across the gloriously quirky visuals and pastel-coloured buildings of Accidentally Wes Anderson on an absent-minded social media scroll. However, the aesthetic has become a phenomenon with an enthralling exhibition in Kensington to prove it! Secret Club London gets 15% off admission for this essential exhibition for every movie buff in the city.

Disney100: The Exhibition

people taking photos of the iconic disney castle at Disney100: The Exhibition. 1 hour plans in London
Credit: Disney100: The Exhibition

This year, Disney celebrates its one-hundredth year as one of the most iconic multimedia brands in the world. From renowned theme parks to classic films, delve into all things Mickey Mouse at this truly magical exhibition. Luckily for the members of Secret Club London, you can witness the enchantment of Disney with December’s 15% discount on Fever.

Dopamine Land

two friends with their arm around each other in a colourful infinity room at Dopamine Land

Take your daily serotonin boost to the next level at Dopamine Land. This multisensory experience combines media, technology and play in one place, making it perfect for the young and the young-at-heart. From ball pits and infinity rooms to musical tiles and the ultimate pillow fight, get 15% off this incredible immersive experience with you Secret Club London subscription.

Paint in the Dark

Paint in the Dark

In a retro-futuristic, neon-lit atmosphere, brush in one hand, and glass in the other, unleash your inner artist and create a work of art at Paint in the Dark. Nestled in South Kensington, an added layer of fun coincides with this incredible workshop that’s great for anyone looking for something creative to do. Get 15% off this experience, or any of the other fantastic events on Fever by being a member of Secret Club London.

Candlelight Concerts

Enjoy breathtaking concerts bathed in flickering candlelight at this must-try concert series that’s taken London (and the world) by storm. From holiday favorites to Vivaldi, Jazz, and beyond, Candlelight Concerts inject new life to the soundtracks of your life, with Secret Club London giving you the chance to experience your choice of concert at a discounted price.

There’s all that and so much more available thanks to our friends at Fever. So be sure to use this month’s Secret Club London discount and keep an eye out for more fantastic benefits coming your way. Click here to visit the Fever website to see all the events and things to do available with your discount.

You may use your discount coupon for one of the many events on Fever throughout December, with a maximum purchase of four tickets per coupon. You’ll receive your coupon code via e-mail.

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