Corrochio’s: A Must Visit For Mexican Food Lovers

There’s no shortage of Mexican restaurants and eateries in London. And there’s definitely no shortage of places in Dalston serving up tacos and burritos for the clamouring masses. But Corrochio’s, on Dalston’s Stoke Newington Road, lands on the scene with a hefty backing of authenticity.

Chef Patron, and founder, Daniel, who grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, learned local cooking techniques interning at Yucatan hotels. He then left for the UK where he studied bartending and mixology, working across Shoreditch’s bustling nightlife. Following a 2-year stint running the iconic Dalston venue, Ruby’s, he re-discovered his love for cooking. Kick-started by a Taco Tuesday residency at Tottenham’s Bluecoat Arms, Corrochio’s opened back in November 2021. Fusing the craft and passion found in great cocktails and cooking, the focus is on regional Mexican dishes and cocktails made from Mexican spirits.

tostadas from corrochios, with a cocktail in the background
Credit: Corrochio’s

Located underground, beneath the famous Dalston cinema sign (not to be confused with the one above Dalston’s Rio Cinema), Corrochio’s is a blink-and-you-miss-it spot that is not to be missed. While there are tacos on offer, the menu is a rotating showcase of the breadth and possibility of Mexican cuisine. Enchiladas and huaraches sit alongside tacos and taquitos and a never-ending bevy of specials. Toppings range from grilled octopus and prawn, to ox tongue, plaintain, courgette flower, and much more. With the wintry season creeping in they’ve even added Queso Fundido to the menu – because everything is better with cheese!

Their Saturday brunch menu, meanwhile, lets you choose from chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and gorditas, with guacamole available on the side. The brave can add some extra heat in the form of salsa macha or a pickled habanero topping. And those in need of a pick-me-up will want to grab the traditional Mexican Cafe de Olla, clay-pot-brewed coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo (raw brown sugar). It’ll have you up, and raring to go.

Agave all day at Corrochio’s

Anchoring the whole affair is a particularly impressive drinks menu – clearly illustrating the venue’s emphasis on being a “cocina & coctelería“. Not simply one or the other, Corrochio’s excels in cooking and cocktail-ing. The menu offers up a selection of traditional drinks and contemporary twists. Among others, there’s the historic Jalisco favourite Vampirito – which mixes up sangrita, tequila, citrus, and grapefruit juice – and the El Tomáso, a Mexican twist on the Tom Collins made with Mexican gin and a hibiscus salt rim. Or choose from a selection of Mexican beers (particular favourite: Tecate!), as well as wines and non-alcoholic options. But don’t miss out on their margaritas, which are some of the best in town.

And then there are the spirits. There’s a tequila and mezcal list that could give any other tequila bar in London a run for its money. Corrochio’s doesn’t stop there, though, instead highlighting regional and lesser-known spirits as well. There’s sotol – a softer spirit, similar to tequila but made with ‘desert spoon’ instead of agave – and raicilla, a typically sweeter and fruitier alternative to it’s cousin mezcal. Add to that list the only-recently-legalized (in 1992) bacanora: an appellation-protected agave spirit from the Mexican state of Sonora, and you still haven’t covered everything!

Corrochio’s Cantina

a hand reaching for one of three cocktails atop a table, at Corrochio's Cantina
Credit: Corrochio’s Cantina

Right next door to Corrochio’s (descend the stairs and turn right, instead of left), you’ll now find Corrochio’s Cantina. Taking over from Ruby’s, the new bar will keep their spirit going with their late-night Friday and Saturday parties still happening, and the same great DJs manning the decks. But now that’s all accompanied by Mexican and South American inspired cocktails, and a more concise menu of Mexican bar classics. They’ve also given the venue a Mexican makeover, overhauling the décor. Open on Friday and Saturday for revellers, throughout the week the space will serve as an extension of Corrochio’s space for hungry diners.

So, grab a seat. Grab a cocktail or a beer (and of course upgrade it to a clamato michelada). And order as much food as you think you can bear. You’re in good hands at Corrochio’s.

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