9 Reasons Why Christmas Eve Is Better Than Christmas Day

Because Christmas Eve is the real deal. A day filled with festive spirit, prosperity and so much anticipation, only Christmas Eve could bring the feels that it does. Not quite on board with that idea? Let me persuade you…

1. The anticipation for Santa to come

No matter how old you are, there’s a magic in the thought that Santa’s on his way to put smiles on the faces of children around the globe. So much so, that I, a 30-year-old womanchild, barely get any sleep that night. I’m not even ashamed.

2. Everyone’s nice to each other because the Christmas spirit hasn’t worn them down yet

At this point, we’re all still saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to every stranger who passes and not emotionally drained from hanging out with the family for too long.

3. The drinks at the pub

There’s no pint quite like the one with mates on Christmas Eve. The pub is bustling, the festive spirit is at an all-time high, and it’s generally the best night out of the year. Yes, you’re head may not thank you on Christmas Day, but come on! You’d be a fool to miss the Christmas Eve comradery down the local.

4. You can have the Christmas you want without the pressure of ‘Christmas Day’

We might have to spend Christmas Day with the family we were born with, but on Christmas Eve, there’s no pressure and we can do whatever we wish with whoever we choose. Fancy a friendsmas? Want a quiet one with your significant other? Christmas Eve’s got ya back.

5. The thought of tomorrow’s Christmas dinner keeps the day exciting

Come to Mama, turkey.

6. It’s only the start of the festivities

There are two whole days after Christmas Eve to fill your boots with festive food, drink, and more food! The fun starts now: let the games commence!

7. You can eat what you want

Without feeling any post-Christmas remorse for it, because guess what, it’s not quite Christmas yet.

8. And most things that were being ‘saved for Christmas’ can finally be opened

Ssh, Mum, it’s Christmas now – I’m having a bloody mince pie.

9. You see everybody

Christmas Eve is about everybody, not just your immediate family. For some, it’s the one time of year we actually see the extended family, and some years we find that quite nice (it depends on how high our Christmas spirit is, lol).

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